Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My first attempt at whipping up a meal :)

My only resolution for year 2012 is to learn how to cook as mentioned in the beginning of the year. 

Time flies and the year is already more than half way gone! *gasp

Since I absolutely adore breakfast meals and they are comparatively easier to prepare, I thought I should start learning from breakfast food!

So last Saturday, I decided to make it happen and prepare breakfast. I bought all the ingredients the night before at NTUC. Life's good when you have a 24-hr NTUC supermarket stone's throw away from your house.

My main ingredients.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bye wordpress

And hi blogspot it's me again.

I deserted you a few years ago because I thought you weren't good enough. Turns out that the grass is always greener at the other side so now i'm back.

I dislike wordpress because:
#1 The blogging space is too tiny. I have no idea how it can be changed either. 

#2 Wordpress seems to favour CSS over HTML, so I have no idea how to customise my blog. Which explains why my blog looks the same for years.

#3 It works against my laptop. It either slows down my laptop, or my laptop fights back and slow it down. Basically they make blogging a chore. 

Hopefully the stay at blogspot will be more promising. 

My virgin solo overseas trip

It has always been one of my bucket list to #1 travel ALONE #2 go on overseas worktrip so am I glad when the opportunity presents itself earlier than expected!

Thanks to my boss, I get to go HK again for a global meeting in our HK office. I was so excited!

Since it's on company's tabs, I get to fly SQ (excited X2 since i'm always taking budget planes), stay in good rated hotel in Hong Kong Island, claim everything.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

We are certified advanced divers!

Tioman Island, 27 April - 29 April 2012
Advanced open water diver course (:

After a hiatus of 8 months, we finally get the chance to breathe in compress air again!

Before the trip, we were searching for advanced open water courses in Tioman and came across Gill Divers.
What caught our attention was the incredible rates that was offered - $569 for everything! That includes lodging, food, transport, AOWD course and equipments rental. Both of us thought it's a steal!

Of course, we don't expect luxurious stay at the resort. I had to manage my own expectations prior to the trip. I googled the "resort" - Salang Tioman resort and it was really basic. For that price, both of us had to share the room with 2 others, so that's 4 to a room.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Roadtrip to Malacca

1st Apr - 2 Apr 2012
Roadtrip to Malacca (:

I tagged along wr and his parents down to his hometown  last weekend.

I was pretty excited about this trip because
1) I get to drive on the Malaysian expressway(which means driving at 130km/h)!
2) of the famous Malacca's chicken rice ball and durian chendol
3) it's a mini getaway!

It takes about 3 hours from SG 2nd link to Malacca, which is about 230km, depending on the traffic condition and the # of pit stops. We took about 3 hrs to get there and 5 hrs back, because the traffic was horrible! Since it was the tomb sweeping festival, many Singaporeans like us will be heading there and back during the weekend.

The landmark of Malacca.